Our Approach

Success With Age and Guidance is an organization with the ability to engage hard to  reach/underserved racialized youth across the Region of Peel. SWAG’s collaborative  approach to mentorship and positive grounded in the understanding that collective action is  a powerful to amplify the power of the individual and achieve what no one person can  achieve alone. 

SWAG has three main goals:

  1. To foster mutually beneficial mentorship relationships between racialized men in Peel. 
  2. To co-develop culturally appropriate mentorship program models that address the needs  of youth most vulnerable to violence  
  3. To ensure mentorship programs and related community programming is grounded in  evidence informed best practices such as the 40 Developmental Assets

Why Choose Us?





Our Focus

Mentorship programs are necessary when young men lack spaces to create and engage in open dialogue. Peel S.W.A.G  creates safe spaces, strengthening identity in self and masculinity. Encouraging education, employment, healthy relationships, all while focusing on leadership, and culture.

  • Mentorship  95% 95%
  • Sexual Education  95% 95%
  • Career Development  95% 95%
  • Community Building  95% 95%

S.W.A.G Youth participant

SWAG program is important to the community because it helps youth build confidence to be successful.