I am valuable. I am strong


Support racialized male youth in Peel Region through increased access to civic engagement  opportunities and life skills programming


Success With Age and Guidance (S.W.A.G.) is a grassroots organization founded in 2011. Our vision is to build community  and youth engagement in Peel Region and uplift youth to define and obtain success for themselves.


Build capacity of youth through workshop facilitation and training.


Empower youth to actively participate within their community.


Foster meaningful positive youth-adult and peer-peer relationships.

The S.W.A.G program is a very good program to have in your community. It is a good program because it teaches you a lot about the future and how to be a good role model in life.

S.W.A.G Youth participant

Success is earned not given

Our Partners

Racialized male youth face many societal barriers. These barriers can cause youth to grow in isolation, without guidance and support.

S.W.A.G recognizes these challenge and strives to create a safe space for mentorship, creative dialogue, and skill development.

Each young person defines success for themselves. It is our goal to promote success, community
development and positive adult-youth relationships through youth engagement and mentorship.

Peel S.W.A.G is a development program geared towards racialized male youth in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

SWAG program is important to the community because it helps youth build confidence to be successful.

S.W.A.G Youth participant