What is S.W.A.G.?

S.W.A.G. is an acronym that stands for Success With Age and Guidance. S.W.A.G. is a 13 week mentorship program that aims to foster youth males of Peel Region through mentorship, participation in community organizing, and program implementation.  The S.W.A.G. program is about gathering young males from diverse walks of life across Peel Region to develop a program for youth whom maybe living high risk lifestyles and are falling through the cracks. The program is about mentorship, critical discussions, life skills and developing personal professional plans for success. Each young man defines success for himself. The facilitators and coordinators will aim to guide the young men as they overcome their challenges. The three main objectives are to:
  • Build capacity of young men in Peel Region through program facilitation, mentorship and workshops
  • Support marginalized youth participants to develop resiliency through developing coping skills
  • Build relationships amongst young men to make space for positive community interaction

Why is this program needed in Peel?

As youth age 12-24 years old make up 15% of the population and are the fourth largest population group in Mississauga over 50,000. (Statistics Canada, 2011). A mentorship program is necessary because young men often lack spaces to dialogue about issues they may be facing identity, education, employment, masculinity, health, relationships, leadership, and culture.  Youth more specifically racialized male youth are facing many barriers in society. These barriers are causing youth to grow in isolation and without guidance and support forcing them to make decisions on their own  that may be detrimental to their well being as well as achieving their future aspirations. This program will recognize those challenges while providing a safe space for mentorship, creative dialogue and skill development.  The program takes youth off the streets and puts them in a space to dialogue with peers and mentors to gain the tools that will help them combat life challenges, while building a network for support and success.
Some of the program themes and workshops cover the topics of:
  • Employment
  • Education
  • Identity
  • Sexual/Personal Health
  • Wealth - Money Management
  • Masculinity
Through the S.W.A.G. program, the coordinators hope to equip young men with the tools and knowledge to thrive and survive in today’s society and walk positively in their journey through life. Meet The S.W.A.G. Team

Jared Chan - Program Facilitator

Jared Chan attends York University and is pursuing an honors degree in Psychology and Social Work. In addition he is undergoing various steps with the Toronto Police and RCMP in hopes to become an active officer. He sees youth as the creative and hopeful minds of the near future, and strongly believes it is his obligation to be a positive influence in providing the ground work for their success.

Anthony Meeks -  Program Facilitator

Anthony Meeks attends York University and is pursuing an Honors degree in Kinesiology and Health Studies. His interests vary from sports, to health fitness and community engagement.  He views youth as the future for a generation to come, and strongly believes it is important to provide them with necessary knowledge to help them on their way to success.  

Jesse Murray – Outreach Coordinator

Jesse Murray is a graduate of the Child and Youth Worker program at Sheridan College. Jesse holds a Bachelor of Applied Arts in Child and Youth Care from Ryerson University (2015). He supports the S.W.A.G program primarily through youth outreach initiatives and community engagement.

Omar Goodgame – Program Lead Coordinator

Omar Goodgame is a graduate of the Social Service Worker program at Humber College. He is also a current student in the Bachelor of Social Work honours program at York University. He believes that youth are the future and with the right guidance, positive relationships and support through mentorship and education youth especially young men can blossom fully into their own potential.

Contact us through our emails at either info@peelswag.ca or peelswag@gmail.com!